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1,000 Subscriber Giveaway on Canada Day July 1st! Multiple Ways To Enter


It’s been a long time coming but I’m going to be doing the 1,000 subscriber giveaway! (Even though we aren’t there yet, but that’s just a technicality). Read on to learn how to enter and what the prizes are!



  • 1st: $150,000 Earn2Trade Gauntlet Mini ($350 value)
  • 2nd: Earn2Trade Beginner Crash Course ($200 value)
  • 3rd: Earn2Trade Beginner Crash Course ($200 value)

Learn more about the $150K Gauntlet Mini and Beginner Crash Course at Earn2Trade

How To Enter (Up To 5 Entries!):

I’m doing this giveaway a little different than the past. There are multiple ways to enter, and you get 1 entry for each task you do! You can do as many or as few of them as you like.

  1. Follow the Earn2Trade Instagram Account
  2. Retweet the pinned tweet on my CFT Twitter (link to the tweet: http://bit.ly/earn2trade-june2021 )
  3. Like the pinned post on the Canadian Futures Trader Facebook page
  4. Share the following link to your LinkedIn: https://canadianfuturestrader.ca/trader-evaluations/
  5. Visit the Earn2Trade website and tell me with your submission form what the daily loss limit is on the $150K Gauntlet Mini

If you already meet the requirements (already follow, already like, etc) you are good, just mention it in the form below.

Last Step: Fill In The Form Below

You need to let me know which of the tasks above you did. Please include your name and real email, as this is how I’ll reach out to the winners. I never spam nor save your information.

In the message write out which methods from the list above you did. Please also include your user name for the methods you shared, and I’ll check the winners entries. I know it’s a bit more work, but remember it all results in extra entries.


  • Name: Charles Trader
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Message:
    • Hi CFT, I did the following: Retweet on twitter @charlesthetrader, Liked the pinned post on Facebook my name is Charles Trader, followed E2T on Instagram my username is @charlesthetrader, shared on LinkedIn my name is also Charles Trader there. The answer to the Earn2Trade question is ABC. Thanks! Charles The Trader.

Bonus For Doing 3+ Methods

I realize that’s a bit more work above, so for everyone who does at least 3 tasks, you will automatically get 1 entry into the next giveaway. I don’t know when it will be or what it will be, but I will keep your information for 1 automatic entry into the next giveaway. Only stipulation is you have to participate in that giveaway as well.

What You Win

First Place: The selected 1st place winner receives a 100% free $150K Gauntlet Mini from Earn2Trade! Read more about the Gauntlet Mini on the Earn2Trade.com website. Summary of goals and rules of the Gauntlet Minis (be sure to read the entire rule set on Earn2Trade). I will contact the winner with a promo code that is for 100% off the $150K Gauntlet Mini.

Second and Third Place: I have runner up prizes this giveaway! 2nd & 3rd receive the Earn2Trade Bootcamp course. If you win one and do not want it (maybe you are a seasoned trader), you can forfeit the prize and I’ll do a secondary give away to the entrants. For forfeiting you will receive 5 entries automatically in the next draw, as long as you participate in it.

When Is The Giveaway

On July 1st at 8am PST I’ll do the drawing and video record it. I’ll put up a video showing the winner sometime a few hours after. Once I verify they did the activities they said they did, I’ll then contact the winner after releasing the video of the draw.

Notable Notes

  • No need to share multiple times on any given social media, only 1 entry per social media type.
  • The Free $150K Gauntlet Mini is for your first month. If you take longer than 30 days you will have to pay for the 2nd month onwards
  • If you break a rule you can reset, but you will be responsible for any reset fees