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Top 4 Recommended Trader Evaluations

Apex Trader FundingTopstep
Take Profit TraderMy Funded Futures

The 4 companies above are my top recommendations. They all offer a variety of plans, fantastic pricing, suburb customer support and much more. You can read my reviews and overview of each.

Next 4 Great Evaluation Companies Promos:
BulenoxBluSkyTickTick TraderTradeDay
Other Evaluation Deals and Promos (Better Firms Are Above)
Forex: FTMOUprofitEarn2TradeElite Trader Funding
Software & Services Deals:
Jigsaw DaytradrReplikantoNinja Mobile TraderJournalytix

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Apex Trader Funding

$250K For $50K Price & $85 Activation Fee

This promo is a bit unique so let me explain it. The $250K account price is on sale for what a $50K costs. As well, you can use CFTPROMO for 90% off (until May 20th), so $17 gets you a $250K Account. As well, the activation fee is reduced on the $250K account only – $85 one time activation. So for $17 + $85 = $102 on passing total cost, and that’s it, you have a $250K.

The $250K price reduction and $85 activation fee goes until May 31st. The only thing ending May 23rd is 90% off.


  • Visit Apex Trader Funding
  • $250K for $17 using CFTPROMO
  • $85 activation fee on passing (ONLY reduced for the $250K)
  • You can pass in 1 day
  • Take as many evaluations as you want, up to 20 can be funded
  • Total cost: $102 after passing (eval fee + activation), that’s it. No ongoing fees.
Current Promo: 90% off All Evaluations – Code CFTPROMO
apex trader funding sale discount promo
Visit Apex Trader Funding

Take Profit Trader

Current Promo: 40% off lifetime + NO Activation Fees – code CFT
  • Click here to visit Take Profit Trader – Code CFT
  • 40% lifetime discount
  • Now pass in just 5 days!
  • 90/10 split on their new Pro+ Account
  • Now you can have up to 3 Pro accounts!
  • No more daily loss limit on Pro+
take profit trader discount promo coupon cft
Visit Take Profit Trader


Topstep New Improved Rules – Pass In 2 Days
  • Click here to visit Topstep
  • $50K for $49, $100K for $99, $150K for $149
  • Pass in as little as 2 days! (I did recently!)
  • 1 Rule: Don’t hit your maximum loss limit
  • Topstep now offers a 90/10 profit split! 90% of your profits go to the trader!
  • The original Funded Futures Program, in business over a decade!
Visit Topstep

My Funded Futures

May Promo: 30% off Expert Plans for New Users
my funded futures promo discount coupon
Visit My Funded Futures


Current Promo: Use Code CFTPROMO for 20% off any account!
  • Click Here To Visit TradeDay
  • Use code CFTPROMO for 20% off
  • Trade an actual funded real money account once funded (only company that does this)
  • Withdraw your profits earned once funded from Day 1! No weird withdraw rules. Minimum $500 withdrawal
  • Free trial to start if you want to see TradeDay in action!
tradeday promo cftpromo td
Visit TradeDay

TickTick Trader

CFT Exclusive Discount 55% off!!! Code: CFTPROMO
  • Click Here To Visit TickTick Trader – use code CFTPROMO
  • 55% off the $25K, $50K and $100K (standard plans)
  • Lifetime discount
  • No minimum number of trading days! When you pass, you pass!
  • Free Jigsaw Daytradr and Bookmap software available
tick tick trader
Visit TickTick Trader


Bulenox 90% Off Option 1 Accounts

Note: Bulenox changes their promos often and I don’t get any notification from them. I have to go check and don’t have time each day. That said, it’s possible the promo listed above at any given point might be changed. If it doesn’t work and you are so inclined, send me an email to let me know and I’ll check what it’s changed to and let you know (and update my site).

Visit Bulenox


No current sale – will update when announced
Visit BluSky

Uprofit Trader

60% off using BEHAPPY60 – lifetime discount
Visit Uprofit Trader


Current Sale Promo: 40% off all evaluations
Visit Earn2Trade

Elite Trader Funding

Visit Elite Trader Funding

Software Deals

  • Jigsaw Daytradr – $30 Off Use Promo Code CDNFTRSTDR
  • Journalytix – $30 Off Yearly License – Trade journaling – use code CDNFTRSTDR
  • Replikanto by Flowbots – Trade Copier for NinjaTrader 20% off Use Promo Code CAN20
  • Ninja Mobile Trader – Trade on ultra fast machines from your phone, tablet, Mac or anywhere! Use Promo Code CFT10 for 10% off, and sign up for an annual plan and get 20% off ALSO!

Above is a list of current deals for everything futures trading related that I follow. If any of them no longer work, feel free to email me from the Contact page and I’ll update this, and/or try and get you a current discount code.

As well I try to put out videos when companies do special limited time offers, if you follow me on YouTube you can catch these and also see my reviews: Canadian Futures Trader on YouTube

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You can read more here: Risk Disclosure

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