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What Are The Best Trading Movies Ever

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Sometimes it’s good to relax and enjoy a good movie. There’s some entertaining trading movies out there for sure. They aren’t all necessarily current, but there’s a few classics any trader should watch. These are my favourites, not necessarily all trading movies. Even hard to find are futures trading specific movies. Aside from Trading Places the focus of most trading movies will be stocks.

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Boiler Room

From the year 2000, a young college drop out gets lured into the fast money of working in a boiler room. People who have worked in actual boiler rooms say this movie is a pretty dead on depiction of the lewd behaviour and predatory practices.

It’s a little dated but it definitely captures the “get rich quick” aspect a lot of new traders think trading is. Although in this movie that catches up to them all pretty quick. It has some stand out actors including a young Vin Diesel who isn’t even the main character. This movie deals a lot with balancing the moral ethics of penny stocks and the dilema’s a new young broker goes through.

Wall Street

This is an iconic movie that new traders can learn from. As a new futures trader, you want to learn everything you can in order to be a good trader. This is an industry that requires one to be highly knowledgeable and competent to succeed. Fortunately the movie has some fundamental concepts that a new trader will significantly benefit from. One of the valuable trading aspects that the movie brings to the picture is market efficiency. Every trader has to be efficient to have optimal outcomes. Without efficiency it’s difficult to experience any progress as a trader. One of the challenges that many traders face today is lacking the attribute of market efficiency. That’s why this movie stands out as one of the best trading movies to watch.

Moreover, watching this movie helps you to understand the cardinal concept of demand and supply. This is crucial for financial markets. New traders need to learn about the demand and supply concept so as to understand pricing direction. Of great importance still, the movie opens the eyes of traders on the importance of transparency in the financial market. As a trader, it’s highly valuable to practice ethical behavior during transactions.

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Rogue Trader

This is one of the best futures trading movies that offer futures trader education. If you’re a new futures trader, this is one movie you have to consider watching. It carries a great deal of significance that will help you to thrive in the competitive industry. As you know, trading is a highly competitive space that requires traders to be good strategists. Without such, you may end up making massive mistakes. It’s common for traders to make losses out of investments or financial decisions. However, it’s not acceptable to make losses because of poor decision-making.

The movie is a great lesson for traders never to cover losses. This means that you don’t rush to make poor decisions with the intention of covering or clearing past losses. This only ends up with more mistakes and losses. Instead of being ignorant of the future, a good trader should have in place a quality strategy to cut down losses. Traders should be forward thinking individuals who make decisions based on information rather than emotions. The movie is an asset to traders as it warns them from being led by greed and fear when making investment decisions.

Trading Places

This is another movie that speaks volume when it comes to trading. One of the important aspects to take away from this movie is about market efficiency. Quite frankly, market efficiency is an attribute that traders need to have in order to succeed. Without it, it will be a difficult journey for them. In the same vein, the idea of being informed comes out quite well in the film. Seasoned traders are well informed individuals who have what it takes to gain much from the trading business. The good thing with being informed is that it gives you an upper hand in the industry. You can’t get caught unawares because you have the information you need to make the best decision. This is a quality you can extract from this movie on your way to becoming an accomplished trader.

The movie also introduces the idea of supply and demand, which are critical in every market environment. If you’re seeking to make the very best out your trading experiences and you want to learn more about the above-mentioned concept, consider watching this movie. It has the capacity to teach you more than the basics of being an informed trader.


The trading industry is not a walk in the park. It’s not an easy thing that you come in and begin to get results immediately. Like any other serious venture, it requires a considerable amount of input for things to work. This movie has lessons that traders can learn from to sharpen their skills and capacity. The highs and lows of day trading are real. So, you have to be prepared to face them to succeed. Part of succeeding in the trading space is knowing what you should do what you shouldn’t do. It’s about having the discipline to remain fruitful in the landscape.

An important lesson that this film brings out is that changes will come and you need to know how to handle them. As a futuristic trader who wants to remain relevant and at their optimum best, it’s important to adapt. Adjusting oneself to the incoming changes is vital for success as a trader. Failure to take this step can lead to serious consequences. You can end up being eliminated. Of course, this isn’t something that you would like to go through as a trader. Rather, you want to stay competitive and get the very best from the trading opportunities before you.

This one is a little more of a realistic look at floor trading and is definitely interesting. Get a peak into how traders before our generation had to work.

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This is a must-watch for persons who want to be successful traders in the future. Regardless of the area of investment you want to venture into, this movie has what it takes to educate you properly. To begin with, strategy is paramount for a trader. Just like when you’re playing chess, you have to be a strategic thinker and planner in trading. You don’t make moves that aren’t well thought out. It will be a big mistake to do so. Therefore, watching this movie will help you to see the importance of being strategic in your trading. Trading decisions don’t come easily. They are a product of consultations and a mastery of the trading environment.

Seasonal traders are known to be good strategists. They understand how and when to make particular decisions. For this new traders, this is one of the lessons they have to learn and practice to make it big in the trading space. Another valuable lesson from the movie is transparency. You have to be transparent as a trader in order to see the fruits of your work. Since you’re not in the market alone. You’ll gain the trust of other traders if you’ll come out as a transparent trader. This is a lesson that all traders have to learn and practice.


If you’re looking for a platform to teach you on money management, this movie can do so with much ease. Money management is crucial for investors especially those who are busy in futures trading. If you’re going to be an accomplished trader, you have to learn the basics of money management. Financial management is a huge challenge for many traders. That’s why this movie comes in handy to teach you the fundamentals of money management. Like other trading films, this one helps you to avoid the costly mistakes that traders often find themselves in. Unfortunately, some of the mistakes that traders make in trading can affect their future transactions in a big way.

Therefore, it’s essential for a trader to be aware of the pitfalls to avoid in order to build their business and transactions on a solid foundation. Not all traders have the ability to manage transactions with the required efficiency. Especially for new traders, it can be a bit tricky to learn the ropes of trading. Thankfully, this movie helps traders to learn the building-blocks of trading that you can transfer to futures trading. It’s what you need to be a high performer in the ever-competitive industry.

They say that knowledge is power. Indeed, having knowledge as a trader gives you the power to make informed decisions that bring you quality outcomes. You need information to avoid making costly mistakes. There are mistakes you can make as a trader and damage your future prospects. Therefore, it’s prudent to learn as much as you can from the opportunities available to you. While you can learn from courses and other platforms on how to be a good futures trader, you can still learn a lot of things from watching trading movies. There are many movies produced to teach people on the do’s and don’ts of trading. Today, there are stock trading movies, day trading movies, and futures trading movies you can watch to sharpen your knowledge. With such knowledge, you’ll be confident as you make investment and trading decisions. Make a point of watching the afore-mentioned movies to equip you with extra information on how the trading space operates and how to make trading actions.


Queue some of these up in Netflix, Prime, Hulu or your favorite movie watching platform. If you get inspired after watching some trading action, be sure to check out my Trader Evaluation Reviews to see where you might want to try out as a prospective futures trader!

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