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UProfit Trader Review & Discount

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UProfit Trader review has been a popular request from people who wanted to know what I thought of the Uprofit Trader funded trader evaluation program. I’ve passed Uprofit Trader multiple times! Sevearl $200K’s, a $100K and a $50K evaluation. Yes, you can have multiple accounts with Uprofit Trader.

They often run deals, and I keep a current list of deals and sales on my Funded Trader Evaluation Deals Page. You will find UProfit Trader coupons and UProfit Trader promos there if they are running any.

Summary of Our UProfit Trader Review

UProfit Trader is a popular choice and one of my most recommended companies. You can see in the review they allow multiple accounts 10 day evaluations, and you can withdraw from Day 1 of being funded! As well I love that they have multiple withdrawal options available including crypto. With UProfit Trader you can withdraw from day 1, BUT you’ll get a lower percentage for the first 40 days. Basically, 2 approaches to easing you into funded trading. I kind of like the UProfit Trader method, as the money is available if you needed it, but you have the incentive to wait until day 41.

You can read more below about what I like and dislike about UProfit Trader.

Evaluations Available and Pricing

Uprofit Trader revised their site and available programs in May 2022. Below is the current list:

Account SizePrice/month*ContractsGoalDrawdown

Software Available

When you sign up with UProfit Trader you will connect via Rithmic, like most trader evaluation companies. You can trade in Rithmic Pro (their software), but its not that great. You do get a free license to NinjaTrader with UProfit Trader though which I recommend.

You can of course use your own software as well. I’m a fan of Jigsaw Daytradr, so I’d connect Jigsaw to Rithmic and trade that way, not even touching NinjaTrader (just personal preference).

As well once funded, you can continue to use NinjaTrader for free! They will give you a new licence key for it.

Multiple Accounts Clarified

“Can I have multiple funded accounts?” is a question I get asked often, followed by “are they under the same log in?”. I clarified this with UProfit Trader’s founder. Note that even their support doesn’t always make this clear, so here is what I was told.

  • You can have as many Evaluation accounts as you want under 1 log in. 2, 4, 20 if you want.
  • You can have 2 Funded accounts Per Email address/log in
  • You can have more than 2 funded accounts, but only 2 per email aka log in
  • You can use a trade copier between your own accounts

Why this is important is because a lot of people want to use trade copiers between multiple accounts. You will only be able to log into 1 email at a time, and at most you can have 2 funded accounts under that email.

Evaluation Rules

Below are the general rules. Be sure to read the specific rules on their site.

  • 1 step – trade for 10 days and reach the profit goal (I’m a fan of 10 day evaluations)
  • Trailing stop loss stops at the initial balance (note this doesn’t apply to the $150K Static account)
  • Drawdown is calculated at the end of day, not in between trades. Big benefit to traders.
  • There is no scaling plan during the evaluation (there is when funded but that is common)

Obviously if you are new to trading a lot of this might seem confusing. I recommend reading extensively over their Faqs and knowing what you are getting yourself into.

Funded Account Rules

The general rules will be the same as the evaluation. You’ll be back to a scaling plan as you build up a balance. The biggest thing to understand is their withdrawal rules. Your first withdraw is paid at 100% to you, up to $15,000. After this, you get the standard 80/20 split. This is to encourage people to build up a balance rather than continually pull profits.

Uprofit has also introduced a Fair Trade Policy. Basically once funded, no more than 30% of your profits you want to withdraw can come from 1 single day. This is to prevent the classic windfall some traders try, where they go for 1 huge score and then make a small trade each day after to meet any requirements.

So for example, if you have $10,000 in profits you want to withdraw, no more than 30% can come from 1 trading day. This policy was introduced in mid 2023.

Funded Account Fees

Once you are funded, there are often fees to cover data and/or 1 time set up fees. UProfit Trader charges one-time assignment fees in lieu of an ongoing data fee. This might rub some people the wrong way, but honestly it will work out far cheaper in the long run compared to paying $100+ per market with some of the other companies.

The fees are:

  • $ 9,000 Account One-time Assignment Cost of $99
  • $ 50,000 Account One-time Assignment Cost $150
  • $ 100,000 Account One-time Assignment Cost of $250
  • $200,000 Account One-time Assignment Cost of $380

Funded Account Withdraw Frequency & Methods

UProfit Trader offers 1 day withdrawals. This means if you put in your request before the market closes, they will then deduct the funds from your account after the market closes and process your payment the same day.

Like almost all the funded companies, Uprofit now uses Deel for payouts. Your payout will be sent to Deel where you will have an account set up, and then from Deel you can receive your money in a variety of ways (ACH, Wire, PayPal, Crypto, Prepaid Card, and more). I’ve been using Deel for a few years now and it is seamless and quick.

uprofit trader

Pros of UProfit Trader

  • 1 step evaluation
  • Drawdown updated at End of Day, not after every trade
  • Can withdraw profits in funded accounts immediately after 4 profitable days
  • 1 day withdrawals & methods of withdraw from Deel
  • Lightening fast support (responded in 5 minutes to my question)
  • You CAN have multiple funded accounts & can use a trade copier

Cons of UProfit Trader

  • Multiple accounts once funded are 2 per log in (as many as you like, but only 2 per log in)
  • 10 Day only evaluations (most other companies are shorter now)
  • No educational content, you have to know what you are doing
  • Fewer account sizing options than most competitors
  • Fair Trade Policy on withdrawals

Unique Standout Features of Uprofit Trader

  • They run promotions often and they are bigger sized. I’ve seen 40% off for example. If you use my link, you’ll always get the best available pricing: UProfit Trader
  • 1 Fee Once Funded and nothing after
  • 1 Day withdrawals (huge benefit for UProfit Trader funded traders)

We hope you found our UProfit Trader review helpful. Feel free to email me from my Contact Page with any questions and I’ll do my best to answer.

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