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FlexyTrade Discount & Review

CFT Exclusive FlexyTrade Discount!

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FlexyTrade runs sales often, and you are guaranteed to get the lowest price aka biggest discount available using my code CFTRADER – as one of the early adopters of FlexyTrade and writing this FlexyTrade review below, they have quickly become a favorite of traders for several reasons outlined before. One highlight as an example – only a one time fee! No ongoing monthly billing while you take the evaluation. Pay once, and take as long as you need with FlexyTrade.

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FlexyTrade review has been a popular request from people who wanted to know what I thought of their futures funding program. In fact I received an overwhelming number of requests for a FlexyTrade review. They definitely are a popular choice with large discounts and no ongoing monthly fee during the evaluation.

Disclaimer: The information below is updated regularly, but always check the FlexyTrade website for the very latest. I can’t guarantee every single detail is always up to date as companies fine tune rules or fees often.

Summary of My FlexyTrade Review

FlexyTrade has come at a time when there are several new firms, and they have stood out as the best of the new crop. They really came in strong with great pricing, large discounts, easier rules to navigate, easy signup even for multiple accounts, and no ongoing fee.

They have very liberal rules with no daily loss limit, no scaling plan, allowing trading during news and more. For people who feel limited by these types of rules at other funded trader evaluation companies, FlexyTrade is probably a great choice for you.

There are no account resets at FlexyTrade. If you break a rule, you lose the account. Rather than pay a reset fee, you would just sign up for a new account. Since most companies these days charge reset fees equivalent to the cost of the evaluation or even more, this isn’t a bad thing.

Once funded the first $25,000 is 100% yours! This is larger than any other firm. As well the profit split after is 90/10, the highest available in the market (along with other firms in all fairness).

You can read more below about what I like and dislike about FlexyTrade. I think you’ll see by the Pros and Cons lists that there are quite a few Pros to FlexyTrade!

Evaluations Available and Pricing

Account SizePrice – One TimeContractsGoalDrawdown
Bundles*Varies – see note belowBelowBelowBelow


FlexyTrade offers the ability to buy bundles of accounts. Effectively purchasing 5 or 10 accounts all at once for your ease. Since so many people like to copy trade and trade many accounts during the evaluation, this makes it easier than purchasing accounts one by one. The bundles are groups of 5 or 10 of each of the account sizes listed, so the rules are the same for the accounts.

Software Available

When you sign up with FlexyTrade you will connect via Rithmic, like most trader evaluation companies. You can trade in Rithmic Rtrader Pro (their software), or as well FlexyTrade provides a free Quantower license.

Note that as of early 2024, NinjaTrader is no longer giving new funded futures companies access to a free license for their software. Even if you have a paid license of your own for NinjaTrade it will not work with FlexyTrade.

You can connect to other platforms though that support Rithmic. For example I’m a fan of Jigsaw Daytradr, so I connect Jigsaw to Rithmic no problem.

Multiple Accounts

“Can I have multiple funded accounts?” is a question I get asked often, followed by “are they under the same log in?”. The answer is a resounding YES!

  • You can have as many Evaluation accounts as you want under 1 log in. 2, 4, 20, or 100 if you want.
  • You will also have all your funded accounts under 1 log in (meaning you can use a trade copier)
  • You can have up to 20 performance accounts

Basically in line with FlexyTrade rules in general, they are more liberal than other trading firms and give traders flexibility.

Also worth mentioning, FlexyTrade offers “Bundles”, so instead of buying accounts one by one, you can buy a bundle of 5 or 10 accounts at a time. Discount code CFTRADER works on the bundles as well!

Evaluation Rules

Below are the general rules. Be sure to read the specific rules on their site.

  • 1 step and no minimum trading days – pass in 1 day if you want!
  • Trailing drawdown is live meaning it is during each trade
  • No scaling plan
  • No consistency rules
  • Multiple accounts – as many evaluations as you want at the same time!
  • Trade the holidays and trade during news releases

Obviously if you are new to trading a lot of this might seem confusing. I recommend reading extensively over their Faqs and knowing what you are getting yourself into.

Funded Account Rules

Again, you should read all the rules on FlexyTrade website. Important ones though are the trailing draw down stops at the initial balance. So if you are in the $50,000 account, once your trailing draw down hits $50,000, it will stop there. So if you got your balance to $60,000, you effectively have a $10,000 buffer. This is better than the evaluation stage, not worse.

Consistency Rules – no one day can count for more than 30% of your total profits. Like most companies, they don’t want people going for windfall profits. As well you need a minimum of 4 trading days between withdrawals (you pretty much have to do this anyway to meet the 30% rule).

Funded Account Fees

There are one time activation fees for accounts. This is very standard in the industry.

  • $25K Account: $139
  • $50K Account: $149
  • $100K Account: $249

This is per account, so if you pass 10 accounts, you would pay the activation fee for each one. This is a one time fee, once paid there are no more fees (unless you want market data, which is only a once per month amount, and not per account).

flexytrade discount promo coupon review payout

Funded Account Withdraw Frequency & Methods

This is one where I do really encourage you to read the withdrawal rules from their site. Below is a general high level of how it works. It’s not too complicated honestly to withdraw and get a payout from FlexyTrade.

  • Withdrawals are processed once per month at the end of the month
  • You receive 100% of the first $25,000. You receive 90% thereafter
  • Payouts are done via Bank Wire or USDT Crypto transfer
  • You can request a withdrawal at any point in the month but it won’t be processed until end of the month

Pros of FlexyTrade

  • One time fee only – only company currently doing this
  • No minimum trading days
  • Multiple funded accounts
  • No scaling plan
  • No daily draw down
  • Trade during news/holidays
  • Biggest profit split available at 90% to you (plus the biggest initial $25K 100%)

Cons of FlexyTrade

  • Live trailing draw down during evaluation
  • Newer firm for 2024 – over time as they have a large stable of funded and paid traders this won’t be a con
flexytrade discount promo coupon review payout

Unique Standout Features of FlexyTrade

  • Best feature: 1 Time Fee! No more ongoing monthly fees. If it takes you longer than a month, no problem!
  • Large discounts – up to 90% off at times

I hope you found my FlexyTrade review helpful. I really like what I’m seeing from FlexyTrade and look forward to a long relationship trading with them!

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