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LeeLoo Trading Discounts and Review

I wouldn’t recommend Leeloo Trading to any traders as of July 2023.

Leeloo Trading fell out of favor earlier this year, you can still read my original Leeloo Review below. From things I’m hearing at this point I would go so far as to say do not sign up with them. I’ve heard several recent stories of traders being denied payouts which they qualified for, being given requirements that once they met they were still denied.

There’s far too many legit companies out there.

2023 Update – I no longer actively recommend Leeloo Trading. There are just far too many better companies at this point. I would recommend checking out my Funded Futures Trader Reviews, and also my Deals and Discounts page for who I currently recommend.

Originally I was introduced to LeeLoo Trading sometime in late 2020. At the time I was happy to pass their LeeLoo Express in March 2021 and be funded with a $100,000 12 contract account.


I have to admit, Leeloo Trading is no longer the top of my list when it comes to trader evaluation companies. Now there is nothing wrong with them per se, and that is why they remain on my site. With lots of new competition in the funded trader evaluation space in 2022, other companies are just outshining some of the legacy companies like Leeloo Trading. You can find my Top 5 Recommended Trader Evaluations here.

Getting back to Leeloo Trading, I do still recommend LeeLoo Trading if they are your choice. They are by far a more affordable futures trader tryout program. There are no frills though, so if you are new to trading and would like a bit more hand holding in terms of trader education and a nice dashboard, then LeeLoo might be better down the road when you’ve worked out some of the kinks in your trading.

A big perk is the ability to have multiple accounts under 1 Rithmic log in. This allows you to use a trade coper such as Flowbots Replikanto.

Evaluations Available and Pricing

LeeLoo Trading has several evaluations available. I personally am a fan of the LeeLoo Express, but more about that in a bit (info as of June 2021). You can find this information on their main page as well: LeeLoo Trading

NamePrice/monthAccount SizeContractsGoalDrawDown
Glide$145$100,00020 micro/2 reg$2,000$625 static
(see below)

LeeLoo Express $77 – This Is What I Passed

LeeLoo Trading has 1 evaluation that is unique and different than any other trading evaluation program, named the LeeLoo Express. It is the same as the “Climb” account above – $100,000, 12 contracts, $6,000 goal, $3,000 trailing drawdown. The unique features though:

  • It is 10 days and ONLY 10 days. You must complete it by day 10 or you don’t pass (all other programs you can take as long as you like).
  • You get a refund of your $77 when you pass. This is the only program I know of that refunds your tryout fee.

I highly recommend this program to people if you don’t mind the 10 day hard limit. The fact you get your money back and the price is pretty much the lowest you’ll find out there it’s a hard deal to pass up.

Evaluation Rules

The rules are pretty much the same as most evaluation companies. Reach the goal, trade a minimum of 10 days (which is shorter than all other companies minimum 15 days), and you will pass. Their trailing draw down is the biggest thing to watch – it is based on the highest possible profit you could have had.

So for example if your very first trade you are in shoots up to $2,000 in possible profit, then comes back down and you close out at $1,000 in profit, your trailing drawdown is moved up based on the $2,000. The best advice I can give you is set Take Profit goals, so if there’s a spike in price you’ll capture all that profit.

Read about it specifically on their site: LeeLoo Trailing Drawdown Explained

Funded Account Rules – 2 Types Of Accounts

Accelerator Performance Account (what I chose)

There’s quite a bit to their funded programs. The very basics are in the Accelerator you have to scale in and start with 2 contracts. You have a static drawdown of $625. As you make profit, you will open up more contracts. You have to trade a minimum of 30 calendar days before your first withdrawal.

Read all about it here: LeeLoo Trading – The Accelerator

Investor Performance Account

The investor account lets you trade your full contracts from day 1 (no scaling). There are fairly strict withdrawal limits though the first 4 months, it really is all about building up a balance and seeing the payday down the road.

Read about it here: LeeLoo Trading – The Investor

Funded Account Fees

Once you are funded, there are often fees to cover data and/or 1 time set up fees. LeeLoo Trading you have to pay $88 per month for data. This fee covers all markets (other companies charge per market). This is a monthly CME Data Subscription Fee.

LeeLoo allows you to have multiple funded accounts. If you have more than 1 account, you do have to pay the data fee per account.

Funded Account Withdraw Frequency & Methods

Since LeeLoo Trading’s withdraw rules vary based on whether you are in Accelerator or Investor Performance Accounts, I won’t get into all the specifics on limits as they are mentioned above. Basically though withdrawals are processed once per month on the last Tuesday or Wednesday of the month.

Withdraws are done by paper check, bank wire or PayPal. There are no fees for withdrawals. PayPal withdrawals are limited in amount to max of $2,000.

Pros of LeeLoo Trading

  • Low cost – by far the most affordable of the trading programs
  • Refund on the LeeLoo express on passing
  • 10 day evaluations – all others are 15 days
  • A 90/10 split from the start on profits – 90% to you
  • First $12,500 is yours to keep
  • You can have multiple funded accounts

Cons of LeeLoo Trading

  • The trailing draw down can be difficult to manage depending on your style – read about it
  • No frills – no trader education materials or dashboards with status
  • Newer competition does things better – see my Top 5

Unique Standout Features

  • LeeLoo Express – 10 days, refund your tryout fee when you pass
  • They fund their own traders so it is a quick turn around on funding
  • You can grow your account beyond the contract limit you tried out for
  • There are 2 performance (funded) account types to choose from
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