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Funded Trader Programs – What Are The Withdrawal Rules

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When it comes to funded futures trader programs, I find people make a lot of their decisions based on the evaluation rules and not the funded withdrawal rules. The goal is to get funded, and really the 2 or 3 weeks of evaluation will hopefully be a distant memory in the future. Since the goal is to spend the majority of our time as funded traders, let’s look at the various companies and their rules when it comes to withdrawing funds.

2023 Update: Note that this article is older, and I no longer endorse some of the companies below. As well the withdraw rules have changed for others. I encourage you to visit my Reviews of Funded Futures Programs for the absolutely latest information.

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I will say in advance each trader has to determine what is most important to them. With lots of different pros and cons, what is more important to one person might be different than someone else. Below I’ve included information on the profit split itself, how long withdrawals take, and the methods available. As you’ll see they vary quite a bit.

As well if you’d like more info on any program, I really encourage you to check out the Faqs/Help section of each company. They go far more in depth with their withdrawal process and methods.

If you are interested in trading futures, be sure to check out my Reviews of Funded Futures Trader Evaluations. I update it every day.

If you want the punch line: Earn2Trade and Uprofit Trader are the 2 I’d recommend based on withdrawals. Best combination of fastest withdrawal speeds, most methods available to withdraw and access to your funds from your first day of trading live.



Earn2Trade has the most straight forward and simple (in a good way) withdrawal rules once funded. You get an 80/20 split (meaning the trader keeps 80% the funding partner keeps 20%). This is the split from day 1. And that is about it. There’s no minimum balance you need to build up, there’s no minimum number of days. Just a straight forward 80/20 split from day 1. The one downside is other firms give you 100% of your first $5K to $8K, although personally I wouldn’t trade off this against the other perks of Earn2Trade.

For speed, Earn2Trade processes withdrawals once per week. So while you can request at any point, your withdrawal will be processed the following week, I believe it’s on Tuesdays.

As for withdrawal methods, Earn2Trade through their funding partners allow you to withdraw using bank wire, ach or paypal with no limits on amounts you can withdraw. When it comes to withdrawing your money, Earn2Trade is one of my top 2.

Uprofit Trader

uprofit trader

Uprofit Trader is a little more complex, but let me put it in the most simple of terms. First, there is a “safety net” amount, which varies depending on your account size. It is an amount Uprofit Trader would like you to build up as basically a buffer. Now, you can withdraw the funds in the safety net buffer, but you’ll be dinged for it a bit in the first 2 months.

  • Trading Days 1 to 41 – amounts withdrawn in the safety net are 50/50 split.
  • Everything over the safety net is 100% yours for the first $8,000.
  • Trading Days 41 onwards – amounts are 80/20 split, and if you haven’t yet taken your 100% on the first $8K you of course still qualify for this, up and above the safety net.

For speed of withdrawals, Uprofit Trader wins this category. Withdrawals are processed within 24 hours of your request. It doesn’t get any faster than that.

Uprofit Trader is my favorite in terms of withdrawal methods. They offer the traditional bank wire, ach and PayPal, but as well they offer visa/mastercard payment, and my favorite crypto payments as USDC or USDT. Being a crypto guy myself, this is a huge benefit.


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Topstep, I have to admit things start getting not as great as the others. You do get the standard 80/20 split with Topstep after your first $5K which is 100% yours. How they aren’t as great is they have a rule where you need 5 winning days before you can withdraw. Once you withdraw, that clock restarts. You need at least 5 winning days under your belt for each withdrawal.

As well, withdrawals take, per Topstep, 7 to 14 days to process. I’ve heard stories of it taking over 3 weeks though. Not the most favorable news.

As for withdrawal methods, they offer bank wire, ach and paper check.

Leeloo Trading

leeloo trading

Leeloo Trading probably has the most elaborate and confusing to explain withdrawal set of rules. I really encourage you to view their site and read up on them as I am just going to touch on them here.

First of all, they have 2 choices when it comes to funding, and each choice has its own set of rules. These are called the Accelerator and the Investor Performance Accounts. For both programs you need to trade at least a month as funded before you are eligible for a withdrawal. Withdrawals are only processed once per month, the last Tuesday or Wednesday of the month. All withdrawals are 80/20 split after the first $8K which is 100% yours.

With the Investor option you are capped on your max withdrawal the first 4. Basically the goal is to get people to build up a balance over time, hence the name. With the Accelerator you have more early access to your funds. There’s other quirks to each choice beyond just the withdrawal options.

I already touched on it, but when it comes to speed basically withdrawals are processed once a month. Out of the programs, this is the least frequent.

For withdrawal methods, Leeloo Trading offers bank wire, paper check or PayPal, but PayPal has limits on the max amount.

Oneup Trader

oneup trader

Oneup Trader is the only program that has a required minimum balance you need to have before withdrawing. Think of it as a buffer. Unlike Uprofit Trader where you can withdraw funds in the buffer balance, with OneUp you can not. Only when you close your account do you access these buffer amounts.

So once you build up a profit balance up and above the buffer amount (which varies by account size) you are eligible for a 80/20 split after the first $8K which is 100% yours. There is no rule regarding how soon you can withdraw, aside from you’ll need a bit of time to build up the buffer.

Withdrawals are processed weekly, so like Earn2Trade you can request at any point, and will be sent your payout the following week.

For withdrawal methods they offer only one choice, bank wire.

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