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Top 10 Take Profit Trader Funding Questions Answered

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Take Profit Trader Funding is one of my top choices for funded futures trader programs. Take Profit Trader Funding has created an attractive mix of allowing traders to choose an evaluation that fits their style of trading best, along with some other perks as well. Below are the top 10 questions I get asked daily about Take Profit Trader Funding.

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The information below was current as of the time of writing this article. Please visit Take Profit Trader Funding and review their help section to verify all the information below is still current before signing up.

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Is Take Profit Trader Funding Legit? Do They Pay Their Traders?

Yes absolutely they are both legitimate and pay their traders regularly. I would not endorse them if they did not. I myself have withdrawn many times. In fact, they have one of the BEST payout structures and speeds of receiving your funds.

I have talked to the management team at Take Profit Trader Funding extensively and not only do they pay traders, they are very committed to being one of the premier funded futures trader programs. As well I know several funded traders with Take Profit Trader Funding who receive payouts monthly. I even interviewed James the founder on my YouTube channel.

What Is The Profit Split With Take Profit Trader Funding?

Take Profit Trader Funding makes it simple for traders:

  • Pro Account: 80/20 split, meaning the trader keeps 80% of their earnings
  • Pro+ Accounts: 90/10 split. You will be moved into the Pro+ after meeting certain thresholds in the Pro account.

Is There A Daily Draw Down With Take Profit Trader Funding?

Take Profit Trader Funding does have a daily draw down in their evaluations and funded accounts. Also note there is a standard End of Day drawdown amount also during the evaluation. This changes to a trailing drawdown once funded.

What Are The Rules of Take Profit Trader Funding to Pass?

The rules to pass are honestly pretty straight forward.

  • Meet the profit goal for your chosen account size
  • Do not violate any Drawdown rules, whether end of day or daily draw down
  • Do not trade more contracts than allowed
  • Follow the consistency rules

That is essentially it. Sounds simple, but don’t take any evaluation lightly. You still have to manage your own risk to not violate the draw down. If you stick to your trading plan, passing isn’t that difficult. I’ve passed evaluations with pretty much every top tier firm myself.

What Are The Commissions For Trading Futures With Take Profit Trader Funding?

I encourage you to visit the Take Profit Trader Funding help and faqs section to verify this for yourself as companies will often change these.

What Software Can I Use For Take Profit Trader FundingEvaluation?

Rithmic will be the data feed for Take Profit Trader Funding. Rithmic does have their own software, RTrader Pro which is free. As well Take Profit Trader Funding provides a free license of NinjaTrader to use as well, or you can opt for Tradovate.

I use Jigsaw Daytradr myself as an in depth order flow scalping tool. It is very powerful and I highly recommend it.

How Do I Withdraw Money From Take Profit Trader Funding?

Take Profit Trader Funding withdrawals are easy to do. They have a full FAQs about it, but in general the process is:

  • You can withdraw from Day 1 of being funded
  • Withdrawals over the buffer amount are paid at 80%
  • Withdrawals from a Pro+ account will be 90%
  • You manage your own withdrawals – all requests are done through their Wallet feature
  • Payouts are lightening fast. Often you will see it in your bank account the same day if not the next.

What Happens If A Trader Made a Million Dollars (insert any big number here), Wouldn’t They Bankrupt The Company?

No. Please think about this for just a second.

First, you have zero incentive to keep trading with a prop firm when you are making that much money. Remember the 80/20 split? If you are capable of making that kind of money you would not want to give up 20%. You would take your profits far sooner and open a brokerage account. As well, I hate to tell you but chances are you aren’t a million dollar trader.

Second, in a Funded Account when you show more than average aptitude with trading, you’ll be moved into a fully funded account and/or your trades copied to a master account. Your $1 million isn’t coming out of the company’s pockets, they would be actual realized profits from trading.

I think this question comes from people with delusions of grandeur more than out of a realistic situation.

What Products Can I Trade With Take Profit Trader Funding?

Basically any CME Group listed futures product. Be sure to check their FAQs where they do list them out in detail. In general though, any futures CME Group product. You can not trade FX, stocks or options with Take Profit Trader Funding yet, but they hope to add all of these in the future which is exciting.

What Are The Monthly Fees or Activation Fee After Passing with Take Profit Trader Funding?

Take Profit Trader Funding charges a one time fee of $130 per account, regardless of size of account. That’s it, no ongoing fees afterwards.

If I Break A Rule Can I Reset My Account at Take Profit Trader Funding?

Yes if you break a rule during the evaluation phase you can reset your account. You can reset as often as you need to. Note that sometimes it might be cheaper to cancel your account and sign up for a new one than it is to reset. That is usually if you are in one of the smaller accounts and there is a promo such as 50% off.

Once you are funded in a Funded Account, you can still reset your account up to 3 times. No more going back to the evaluation stage, you can reset your Pro account.


Hopefully the above questions and answers cover most of the questions you may have about Take Profit Trader Funding. Be sure to check out my Exclusive Deals Page for the latest Take Profit Trader Funding promo!

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