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Uprofit Trader For Canadians

If you live in Canada and have heard of Uprofit Trader, let me give youRead More…

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UProfit Trader $100K Giveaway Is Here!

It’s here! UProfit Trader and the Canadian Futures Trader are teaming up to give awayRead More…


Daily Loss Limits and Trailing Draw Downs Explained

If you are entering any of the funded futures trader evaluations, there will be rulesRead More…

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Should You Reset Your Trader Evaluation If You Break A Rule?

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5 Tips To Pass Funded Futures Trader Evaluations

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Scaling Plans and Maximum Contracts In Trader Evaluations – How They Work

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Topstep New Rule: 50% Winners Greater Than 20 Seconds

Revised July 2023: Since writing the article below years ago, Topstep has had several changesRead More…

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How Much Do Funded Trader Programs Cost?

2024 Note: The information below is several years old, and basically NONE of it appliesRead More…


Earn2Trade For Canadians

If you live in Canada and have heard of Earn2Trade, let me give you theRead More…

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How To Pass Topstep Combine

Learn how to pass Topstep Combines from someone who has passed several times.